Combat Weather - "Serving Proudly Since WWII"

US Air Force Combat Weathermen are highly skilled and specially trained combat meteorologists assigned to, and supporting Joint, US Air Force and US Army Airborne and Special Operations Units worldwide. They have been performing their unique duties since WWII.
Training Equipment Location People Links
The troopers who started it all - US Army OSS and Airborne Division Combat Weathermen
Air Commando Combat Weather Team, Keith Grimes, Origin of the Grey Beret, and Operation Power Pack
Operations in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam
SOWT/SOWT-TE/SAE and Operations in the 1980s, including Grenada and Panama
Combat Weather everywhere - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Turkey, Iraq
Operations in Somalia, Haiti and Bosnia
Some ACC Weathermen become AFSOC Operators
ST Integration - We're getting closer to the goal...
CD, FID and other missions with the Green Berets
Our Role in the Global War On Terrorism
What's the plan for the future, and when do we start it?

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