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The Grey Beret Association (GBA) serves as the official voice for the Grey Beret community of currently serving and Veteran US Air Force Combat Weather Team (Airborne), Special Operations Weather Team and Special Reconnaissance personnel, and is dedicated to providing support to all our members and their families.


The vision of the Grey Beret Association is to be the nucleus for the family of paratroopers who share our unique legacy. The GBA will fulfill this vision by:

  1. Establishing reunions and electronic (website, email) lines of communication.
    1. Ensuring our unique history, “lessons learned” and traditions are passed among its members.
    2. Initiating and revitalizing personal relationships among its members across both Grey Beret specialties.
  2. Establishing procedures to ensure its members are recognized through the GBA, and other like associations.
  3. Educating members and the public on Grey Beret history, current contributions and future developments.