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Ones Ready Ep 224: Reality of Change in AFSPECWAR

Ones Ready Podcast | Published on 8/22/2023

SOURCE/CREDIT:  Ones Ready Podcast

Changes in Air Force Special Warfare are coming fast and furious.

we wanted to peel back the layers of everything we are doing and explain it all to you so you have the absolute ground truth.

We cover a lot of ground here and talk about every change from the first time you talk to a recruiter until you put on a beret.

Reality of Change in AFSPECWAR

00:00 - The reason for this episode
04:40 - Basic Training, building blocks, and how we train for the future fight
17:20 - Confirmation Bias
21:07 - 18A Fitness use code 1READY
22:24 - ATAC Fitness - buy direct from
23:31 - SWCC Changes
29:15 - New Efficiencies in the Pipeline and non-SPECWAR leaders in high positions
42:10 - What’s Important - Where are things going?
43:00 - Future of Pararescue - CSAR is always min force
50:34 - Future of Special Reconnaissance
53:15 - Future of CCT/TACP
58:50 - Do we need that E5 TACP/PJ/SR/CCT in the Future?
1:03:35 - Closing